Vanilla Peppermint Latte

Since I’m trying to eat somewhat paleo-ish during the holidays (disclaimer: I basically had wine and brownies for dinner at a Christmas party last night so obviously I’m not worried about perfection here), I have been avoiding going to Starbucks for any of their seasonal lattes this year.

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2014 BCS Marathon + Half Marathon Recap

I did it!


My hair always looks so flawless after a long run.

After my typical mediocre, half-assed stab at training, I was so not looking forward to this half-marathon. But as I usually am after I cross the finish line, I am so happy that I did it. And of course, I am already talking about doing it again next year and how I will totally train for the 2015 race (ha!).

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Holiday Bucket List Update


Is December totally flying by for you? December is totally flying by for me. I cannot believe that we are only two weeks out from Christmas, and I have barely done any of my gift shopping/making. And in between the half marathon this Sunday, going to visit my boyfriend’s family next week, and a few […]

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Curried Butternut Squash Soup


Is there anything better than soup when it’s cold outside? It’s the perfect comfort food for me; eating a big, warm bowl of soup is like being hugged from the inside out. This curried butternut squash soup one of my favorite winter recipes. It is creamy and delicious and has just the perfect curry flavor […]

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Sunday Meal Prep & Weekly Workouts


Happy Sunday! It’s been a really good weekend so far. We were able to get the house cleaned and ran all of our errands yesterday, and then we had friends over for cocktails and conversation last night. Today has consisted of weekly meal prep, a 6-mile run, and a bubble bath. This weekend has been […]

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Fitness Friday: In Which I Ramble About Running


So….I’m starting to remember why I didn’t really train for my first two half marathons: running in the late fall/winter sucks a big one. Like, a really big one. The biggest one of all. It’s cold outside. And because it’s Texas, all of a sudden it’s hot as balls and humid. Oh wait, now it’s 30 […]

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