Weekend Cocktail: Napa Manhattan

napa manhattanHappy Friday! How did your week go? Mine has been really nice as we’ve been enjoying some incredibly beautiful weather for the past few days, and I’ve been able to get outside a lot and make the most of it. We even took down our Christmas lights! [Continue reading…]

Happenings: New Rugs and Ramblings.

1. The weather was so beautiful this past weekend. The Mister worked an Open House on Saturday morning, so I got outside for a long walk before doing a little yoga at home. I’ve been taking a lot of walks lately, and it has been so therapeutic and relaxing for me. Between my regular workouts and taking long walks every day, I feel like I’m in a really good place right now with my body and my body image. I’m really appreciative to have found this space where I feel happy and accepting of my body and its capabilities.


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Weekly Workouts

that hair tho

I’ve become that weirdo at the gym that takes videos of myself in order to check my form. I feel like I’ve reached a new milestone in my training….like recording yourself is some kind of fitness rite of passage. Anyway, this post will likely be incredibly boring to some people as it’s basically just my […]

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My “15 Minutes in Hell” Workout

15 minutes in hell

So, I was going to post a cocktail recipe today (remember when I used to do that like all the time??), but I don’t have it ready yet so instead I’m going to share with you a hellacious workout. I know, I know…a hellacious workout is about as far away from a cocktail on the […]

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Where I Want to Go in 2015


That isn’t a metaphorical title to this post. I mean that literally, these are the places that I want to travel to this year.

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1. Our last two foster kittens went to their new forever home yesterday. The Mister’s cousin Erica came to visit from Sacramento this past weekend and took them with her last night. One the one hand, I’ll miss them because I was pretty attached….I mean, we did have them for nearly THREE FREAKING MONTHS. But […]

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