Friday Five: Favorite Spring Cocktails

Happy Friday! Let’s toast to the beginning of a beautiful weekend. Here’s to gorgeous spring weather, pancake breakfasts, home projects, and sleeping in…which I am going to enjoy as much as possible since, starting Monday, I will be teaching cycling at 5:15am ((insert grimace emoji here)).  Continue reading

Team Teaching My First Cycling Class + My First Playlist

first playlistHi and happy Monday! This past weekend was crazy busy since we had The Mister’s mom and stepdad in town visiting us, and I taught my first cycling class! Well, it was a team teach, meaning I taught the first half of the class and a seasoned instructor taught the second half. But still….AHHHHH! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN.

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Happy Friday, Happy SPRING(!!), and Happy International Day of Happiness! I have been in a surprisingly good mood all week, and I really think it has to do with the fact that winter has been coming to an end. And seriously winter, BYE, GTFO, YOU DON’T EVEN GO HERE. Also boosting my mood this week has been the weather; it’s been the perfect prelude to spring. The Mister and I have really made the most of the warmer weather and the extra hour of daylight in the evening. We’ve been spending a lot more time outdoors together, taking long walks around our neighborhood after dinner and working in our yard and garden. It’s super cheesy mushy domestic bliss type stuff, and I looooove it. Continue reading

Thinking Out Loud No. 1

So, in the spirit of trying new things, today I am linking up with another blog for the first time! Amanda over at Running with Spoons hosts a link-up every Thursday called Thinking Out Loud, and today I’m joining in on the fun. It’s probably obvious that I have been experiencing quite a bit of writer’s block lately (well, really just creativity block in general…), so I thought this would be a great way to overcome that and share a few random tidbits from my life recently. So here we go!

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